Bitcoin Prices Rose Sharply

Bitcoin prices have shown a significant increment specifically during the previous months before the recent drop in the prices of bitcoin recently. Bitcoin’s current price is $10,000 after suffering the loss in previous months. The world’s most prominent digital currency has demonstrated an upward trend around 9:45 according to EDT. Statistics revealed by CoinDesk data … Read moreBitcoin Prices Rose Sharply

UK Watchdog Audit of UK Cryptocurrency Groups Steep Hike

The FCA progressively takes hard line onto crypto companies to protect investors from Cryptocurrency Scams.   According to the Financial Conduct Authority estimation, consumers have lost at least £27m in crypto and foreign-exchange scams. This figure shows that there is a 74% increase from the number of inquiries recorded as compared to those recorded between … Read moreUK Watchdog Audit of UK Cryptocurrency Groups Steep Hike