Bitcoin SuperStar Review


Today we would like to familiarize our readers with the fraud of Bitcoin superstar crypto robot, and strongly advise all our German readers not to let fraudulent Bitcoin trading platform Bitcoin superstar steal their hardly-earned money.

The Bitcoin Superstar trading platform is amongst those scams which promise their clients free access to a “risk-free” app and assures that you can make 1300 in just 24 hours if you join their platform.

Once you sign up for Bitcoin superstar software and deposit your initial investment. It allows affiliate marketers, online promoters, and social media marketing agencies to earn a commission through their referral programs.

When the live test was conducted under the supervision of United Market Capitals, registered as a fishy legal jurisdiction in Sofia Bulgaria, to examine the credibility of bitcoin superstar. The team who was assigned the task of assessing bitcoin superstar claimed that during their live test execution they were consistently bombarded by phone calls from different regions such as UK and Austrian.

Once the scammers of bitcoin superstar realized that they were un-succeeded in convincing us, they try to make us engage by inviting us to use their in-house trade systems and assured us that we can consistently compound our investment.

Now the obvious question here that might come to your mind would be what is in-house trade system? Before moving a bit further I would like to address this inevitable question. In-house trade system is a fictitious trade copier where all the members are fake and you’ll always in profit.

Apart from that, it should be taken into consideration that Bitcoin superstar fraudulent software was already eulogized by some fake reviews website, and sorry to say instead of knowing all the intricacies these high-authority and well-known websites and providing their full endorsement to Bitcoin superstar.

So if you saw the promotion of this platform on Facebook or click on some kind of advertorial fake news page will take you to the Bitcoin superstar then it demonstrates that you were being trapped by highly paid crypto scam artists.

So, if you still believe that Bitcoin superstar is a scam and you want to invest your hardly-earned money in this platform then it is strongly recommended to read some previous views about it at discussion forums such as Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest.

Evidence of Bitcoin Superstar Scam

This is what you would expect if you go to the main registration area of the bitcoin superstar page. Their registration page is specifically designed to betray their clients. Their registration page assures that you can earn €1300 in a single day.

This is what you would see if you go the registration page of bitcoin superstar


Right below it the screen depicts that the same guy Jake Tapper from the CNN news discussed that the importance of Bitcoin in reshaping the world economy. In the same podcast, he is also promoting the scams such as Bitcoin trader, bitcoin superstar, and many more.


Bitcoin SuperStar Ownership


This software Bitcoin superstar is entirely owned by a company called “Algo trading”. Many bitcoin scammers previously used this company to commit numerous crypto trading scams like the one we’ve discussed earlier.

Promoted by Numerous Fake Websites


Numerous fake websites promoting the thieving Bitcoin software through their convincing reviews, and to be honest it is one of the most misleading marketing campaigns you might have ever seen.


If you have a look at the screenshot below. You’ll realize how fake reviews websites are promoting this thieving software through their convincing content.


What is the Bitcoin superstar?

Bitcoin superstar is a group of people dedicated to bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading. They claim if you sign up and active the Bitcoin superstar trading app, you’ll be able to earn whopping returns of 99.4%. These are the facts through which they betray peoples and steal their precious money.


Don’t Let Fake Advertisements to Deceive You

No one can become a millionaire like the well-known Bitcoin trader Like Bohlen through these fraudulent bitcoin trading apps. Don’t be fooled by the fake reviews published on high-authority websites and fake advertisements. We’ve already checked the Bitcoin SuperStar trading app and its software and within 5 minutes we’ve lost all our money.


Charges of Bitcoin SuperStar

Now the obvious question which you might ask here is bitcoin superstar free? Even though they’ll charge nothing for sign up, but after becoming their member € 250 will be charged to your credit card, and this money is charged by a thriving broker who has been assigned to you soon after you’ve completed the sign-up process and become their member.


Bitcoin SuperStar Scam

The first thing that we should have to stop believing that bitcoin superstar is already endorsed by numerous well-known celebrities. You might saw too many peoples saying that bitcoin superstar is allegedly used by Dieter Bohlen, this news doesn’t carry conviction.

This software isn’t used by any celebrity or well-known personality; nevertheless, all the articles that are claiming that this software is used by business tycoons such as Elon Must are fake.

Bitcoin SuperStar Fake Reviews and Testimonials

When you head over to the website of bitcoin superstar, you’ll notice that there are too many positive reviews from the clients, but to be honest to say all of those reviews are fictitious.

Picture of alleged users with their earnings is also displayed on the home page of their site to betray others.

Displays Fake Results

The webpage of the bitcoin superstar program depicts the table which is consistently updating with the live results of trades. If you have a look at the table you’ll experience that they are showing a lot of profits, but all of those profits are fake and they have nothing to do with the real trade.

You might be wondering why I am saying all the results demonstrated on the website of bitcoin superstar are a complete fake. This is due to the following reasons.

Firstly, there is no way of getting a 100% return on your investment specifically when investing in bitcoin which is an excessive volatile market, and the price of bitcoin increases with a slight margin of $0.0007. There isn’t any investment instrument that exists in this world that would allow you to earn such a highest return. So how could it be possible for bitcoin superstar to provide such great returns?

Secondly, bitcoin superstar does an excessive exaggeration while quoting the price of bitcoins. They displayed the price of bitcoin more than $1200; however, I reality the actual price of bitcoin is less than $10,000. This demonstrates that the statistics revealed by the test mode of bitcoin superstar is fake.

Why Should You Stay Away from Bitcoin SuperStar

Bitcoin superstar is a scam masquerading as an authentic crypto trading platform to betray their potential clients and steal their hardly-earned money.

It depicts itself as a quick-rich scheme to grab more clients and possess all the attributes of a scam crypto trading platform. Now I’ll be listing some of the well-known reasons that will surely convince you to stay away from this scam crypto trading robot.

Lack of Security Measures for Customer Personal Data

Bitcoin superstar pays no heed to security measures to assure the security of customer personal and sensitive data such as customer credit card information.

El- Mesteno thoroughly examines the security loopholes of this platform and he revealed that bitcoin superstar shares the customer personal data and information to third parties. As a result of that, you’ll receive too many spam emails and phone calls after joining it. Furthermore, they also use spam marketing tactics to outreach prospective traders.

No Returns over your Investment

As I’ve stated earlier, bitcoin superstar deceived their clients by showing them overly exaggerated returns. You won’t be able to earn any profit and have to tolerate consistent lose if you decide to trade together. By evaluating the views of too many previous customers, I come up with an idea that after signing up it will hardly take an hour to make you deprive of your initial deposit of $250.

Apart from that, their customer support is only available for you if you’ve already deposited money. Other they do not address your queries unless you ask them how to add an initial deposit.

Restricting You from Withdrawing Your Money

Bitcoin SuperStar restricts its customers from withdrawing their money if they choose live trading. They use unscrupulous marketing tactics to convince their clients to register.

Furthermore, they leverage fake web-trader to make their traders realize that his money is completely lost while executing a trade, but in reality, the fact is that their trading platform isn’t linked with any exchange network and there isn’t any live trading that occurs.

As previously stated, the bitcoin superstar trading platform is completely fictitious. Research done by independent authority reveals that it mimics the UI design of a true web-trader.

Those traders who want to earn from bitcoin trading through bitcoin superstar can manage to earn $2 within 2 minutes and just after this gain they have to suffer consistent loss.


If you want to make you bitcoin trading, it is strongly recommended to stay away from these scams and initiate genuine free demo with some authentic broker so that you can earn some real money.