Immediate Bitcoin Review – Legit or Scam? Complete analysis

Immediate Bitcoin is the fastest growing and leading auto trading platform helping traders to gain profits. The Robots claims to have the highest returns on investments.

According to its official website, Immediate Bitcoin software is The World’s Most Intelligent Crypto Software programmed to trade only when it knows it will make an immediate profit.

This software has changed the life of many people giving financial freedom to new users having no experience of trading.

We also came across some advertisements on social media claiming the association of some of the known celebrities such as Bill Gates, Ronaldo, and Sir Alex Ferguson with Immediate Bitcoin.

We decided to dig in deep and tried to find the truth behind the claims as every trading robot available on the internet claims to be the best and promise to give financial freedom and generate good profits for users, but not all of them stand the test.

Reviews are also important because they can help investors avoid scam sites promising high returns, but fail to deliver. Hence saving, users hard-earned money and time.

Read on full as I’ll be walking you through the software and test the claims made by the Immediate Bitcoin robot. We will test its authenticity, performance, success rate, and focus on whether or not you should invest in it. So, stay with us to find out if Immediate Bitcoin is a scam or legit.

Quick View on Test Result

We tested the Immediate Bitcoin software and found it to be very much legitimate and Easy to use.

Traders get a success rate of up to 90%.

Immediate Bitcoin uses Artificial Intelligence and State-of-the-art Algorithms to Identify Only Profitable Trades.

Immediate Bitcoin provides easy to use and advanced trading platform for traders and follows the highest industry standards for security.

$250 is the minimum required amount to start your trade.

What is Immediate Bitcoin?

  • Immediate Bitcoin is one of the popular and fastest-growing crypto trading software. It is said to be the World’s Most Intelligent Crypto Software programmed to trade only when it knows it will make a profit. Immediate Bitcoin offers traders a new amazing income-generating system that claims to generate huge profits in a short time.
  • Immediate Bitcoin provides its users the trading tool which gives traders, exciting new life, where they no longer have to work tirelessly to meet their ends having no time for enjoyment with family and friends.
  • Easy to use Interface makes Immediate Bitcoin popular trading software. The Robots are programmed to trade only when it knows it will make an immediate profit.
  • Immediate Bitcoin is doesn’t require any knowledge or expertise from currency trading. New users are also making daily profits by trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Few people are wondering, what is Immediate Bitcoin and Is Immediate Bitcoin Legit. As per our Immediate Bitcoin review, we can say that Immediate Bitcoin is Safe and Reliable and people are making daily profits using this tool but we would like to advise our readers to start slowly with the minimum deposit of $ 250 and gradually increase when you get familiar with the robot.

Here are few Pros and Cons of Immediate Bitcoin –


  • Offers Demo Account.
  • Faster withdrawals.
  • No Hidden charges.
  • Easy to use Interface.
  • Simple and quick registration.


Now with the mobile app support available, no such con was noticed.

 How does it work?

It monitors and identifies the market trend, observes price changes and fluctuations and projects, profitable trading opportunities. You don’t have to sit by your computer for endless hours. Trades are executed automatically with the selected brokers on their platform and the Best part is that the users are given the trading signal for free as mentioned on their website

To get started, follow these simple steps, and learn how to earn with your Immediate Bitcoin.

  1.      Account Registration

Fill out the registration form with basic details like first and last names, valid e-mail address, and phone number. We would like to advise to keep your password strong and unique.

Click on Submit to create an account

2.     Depositing the Funds

Click on the Deposit and you will be assigned a Broker.


The minimum amount to start trade is $ 250.

You can choose from a wide variety of payment methods that are supported by the merchant like Payskrill, Klarna, or you can use the bank to transfer the funds.ImmediateBitcoin software review

Payment can also be done from credit or debit cards affiliated with the maestro, Visa, or MasterCard.You can also choose Bank Transfer. Accepted currencies are Swiss Franc, British Pound, US Dollar, and Euro. There is a limit for deposit via credit or debit card on the platform, you can only deposit up to $/£/€/₣10,000 in one day and $/£/€/₣40,000 in a month.


  1. Demo Trading Account

You can access the demo account for experiencing the working of the robot and also this feature will make you familiar with the system and for this, no real money is required.

Immediate Bitcoin app review

A beginner or professional trader can experience the working of Bitcoin Robot either before or after the initial deposit depending on the broker.

4.    Live Trading Account

After you ger familiar with the Demo trading of Immediate-Bitcoin platform, you can proceed to live to trade, just click on ‘Auto Trade’ for activating live trading and start earning

Set the limit for stop loss to restrict the loss in the event of sudden downfall in the market.

 Features of Immediate Bitcoin

Let’s discuss a few features of Immediate Bitcoin –


  • The registration procedure is easy and simple. The software is free for the users and the platform is transparent with no hidden charges or commission.


  • According to the official website of Immediate Bitcoin, a trader can earn a $950 to $ 2200 daily profits using their app. Moreover, this trading software is free. The software algorithm used in Immediate Bitcoin is programmed to trade only when it knows it will make an immediate profit. Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile which means higher risks, Immediate Bitcoin ensures your chances of a successful and profitable trade.


  • Immediate trading platform has a quick withdrawal procedure, you can request to withdraw your money at any time and it will take less than 24 hours to get transferred to your bank account.


  • The Immediate Bitcoin verification system is easy and safe. Traders have to provide the basic details such as first and last name, password, email address, and contact number and then proceed to deposit the funds. To add funds to their account, the trader is requested to provide their payment details. This is all you need and no other documents are required.


  • Testimonials on the website show people are earning profits from Immediate Bitcoin and it has changed their life, giving them financial freedom. Here are few snapshots of testimony from the website

Immediate Bitcoin app


When a platform is used in automated mode its algorithm detects the right trading signal and the trades are executed on behalf of the traders and earn profit for them automatically. No need for the trader to be present physically

According to the testimonials on the website, the ImmediateBitcoin app is easy to use, and the profits are easy to make and even new users are making good profits daily.

  • Immediate Bitcoin has a dedicated team to support customers. In our test, the staff was found to be knowledgeable and supportive and the service is available for customers anytime they need.
  • Getting started with Immediate Bitcoin is Easy. The trader simply has to register with a minimum deposit of $250 and activate the auto trade and within no time Immediate Bitcoin will start running.
  • Immediate Bitcoin brokers are safe and reliable. Moreover, the brokers in this platform are compliant and regulated with the regulatory offices

    Why Immediate Bitcoin?

  • The immediate Bitcoin system makes a profit by buying and selling cryptocurrency. Immediate Bitcoin uses Artificial Intelligence and State-of-the-art Algorithms to Identify Only Profitable Trades.
  • Immediate Bitcoin platform is for everyone weather trader is professional or a new user with no experience of investing or trading. New users can choose automatic trading, and a professional user can also go for the manual option.
  • Humans are emotional in nature and markets are unpredictable. Even professional traders can go wrong when decisions are taken emotionally, but with an online trading robot, this can be avoided, and the traders have increased chances of making a profit.

Is Immediate Bitcoin Legit?

On testing the software and going through the user testimonials and reviews, we can say that Immediate Bitcoin is a legitimate and popular robot. It is simple and easy to use as promised it also offers faster withdrawals, good customer service. The software is totally free with no hidden fees. Immediate Bitcoin provides the facility of a demo account to get familiar with the working of a robot, a useful feature, especially for beginners.

How does Immediate Bitcoin work?

  • Immediate Bitcoin is one of the popular and leading software designed to earn profits from the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. Immediate Bitcoin uses Artificial Intelligence and State-of-the-art Algorithms to Identify Only Profitable Trades.
  • Getting started is easy and it takes less than three minutes to start trading after you sign up. The minimum amount required to get started with trading is $250. The robot using its smart algorithm predicts trading signal and execute the trades to generate profits for the trader.
  • Immediate Bitcoin uses Artificial Intelligence in the trading process that enables the robot to work faster. Investing money in a fast system helps in predicting market signals in the highly volatile crypto market and trades are executed accordingly.

bitcoin app review

Advantages of Immediate Bitcoin

  • Immediate Bitcoin offers traders the opportunity to earn profits of $950 to $ 2200 daily without having to sit in front of the computer. Start with a minimum deposit of $250 and let the robot work for you. The probability of successful trades is at least 8 out of the 10 trades executed.
  • Users can contact dedicated customer support staff whenever required. Users can contact them anytime 24 Hours a day. Support on chat and email is also available.
  • Demo account on the Immediate-bitcoin platform helps the traders to get familiar with the platform, This feature helps the new user as he can see the working of robots before he actually starts to trade.
  • Immediate Bitcoin is automated trading software. No trading experience is required for using this platform. Buying and selling are done automatically by using the smart algorithm. No need for human research and effort.
  • Immediate Bitcoin trading software offers its users a flexible and comfortable trading environment. Automatic scanning is done by robots to get tradable signals from the current market trends.
  • For secure and safe trading Immediate Bitcoin had collaborated with reliable experienced and professional brokers who offer a transparent, trading environment. Investor capital is secured as the brokers are regulated and reliable.

Why Trade with Immediate Bitcoin?

The rising awareness of earning money out of cryptocurrency made lots of people select this alternative as an investment for getting financially independent so that many people nowadays are interested in earning money on the internet from trading cryptocurrencies. There are lots of software programs, trading bots online that promise to raise your profit with greater yields, but not all of them endure the test.  Let’s talk about some attributes and understand why you need to trade with Immediate Bitcoin.


  • Immediate Bitcoin has a feature of a demo account. The demo account allows users to get familiar with the trading platform before going in for actual trades with real money. Not all the software available in the market provides demo mode for the benefit of traders especially the new users with no trading experience.
  • The immediate Bitcoin platform has a user-friendly interface. This makes the trading platform easy to use. The website can be very easily navigated, and the traders were using flawlessly.
  • Immediate Bitcoin claims the highest success rate of 90 %, the software is likely to have placed a profitable trade of 9 of every 10 trades. We would like to advise that you should invest slowly and increase gradually as you get more familiar with the platform as markets are volatile.
  • Immediate Bitcoin provides fast withdrawals when compared to other robots available in the market. You can request withdrawal of funds anytime and your request is processed within hours and will be completed in a day, while other robots may take up 10 to 15 days.

What is the minimum amount required on Immediate Bitcoin?

To get started with Immediate Bitcoin the minimum deposit amount is $250. One should always start with the minimum amount and get familiar with the working of robots and after making profits, the trader can reinvest their capital, to gain more profits also don’t forget to withdraw the profits regularly.

Immediate Bitcoin Vs Other Robots


Other Robot

User-friendly trading platform for both beginners and professionals. Others robot trading platform are complex for the beginners
The simple and short form makes registration Process Easy and Fast. It just takes a minute to open an account. Other Robots demand detailed information and documents making the process lengthy.
Bitcoin Immediate is a popular trading platform having a success rate of around 90% Other Robots are not consistent and their return is zigzag which is very risky
Bitcoin profit has no hidden cost. Complete Transparency. Other Robot Platforms have high charges and hidden fees. No Transparency.
It takes less than 24 hours to process the payouts. Fast payouts. Other Robots payout Processing takes a long time, sometimes as long as 10 days.
The minimum amount required to get started on immediate Bitcoin is $ 250 A higher amount of funds are required by other Robots which new users are not comfortable with.
Immediate Bitcoin Brokers are Professional, experienced, regulated, and reliable. Some platforms are promoted through unreliable brokers, putting user’s funds on risk by investing them on the platforms supported by such broker.

 What is Idea Behind Immediate Bitcoin Software?

According to the founder of Immediate Bitcoin Edwin James, the platform was designed to give new traders the opportunity to make money in less than three minutes after opening the account. Immediate Bitcoin uses Artificial Intelligence and State-of-the-art Algorithms to Identify Only Profitable Trades.

Is Immediate Bitcoin a Scam?

  • According to its official website, Bitcoin software is The World’s Most Intelligent crypto software programmed to trade only when it knows it will make an immediate profit. This software has changed the life of many people giving financial freedom to new users having no experience of trading.
  • Immediate Bitcoin is an automated trading platform and according to its official website Immediate Bitcoin software is The World’s Most Intelligent Crypto Software and the robot is helping people to make money by buying and selling Bitcoin at the right time. Edge is programmed to trade only when it knows it will make an immediate profit. This software has changed the life of many people giving financial freedom to new users having no experience of trading. The software claims that it has a 90 percent win rate of the trades placed on the platform. There had been reviews about Immediate Bitcoin being a scam; however, there is no substantial evidence to prove it.
  • As per our analysis, all the features in the Immediate Bitcoin platform confirms that it is not a scam. Moreover, the user testimonials and review of traders proves its credibility. People are making money on the auto trading platform daily.
  • This trading app uses of artificial Intelligence and Smart algorithms for higher accuracy rate, Immediate Bitcoin can be considered as one of the best software for cryptocurrency trading. Traders using this software can get stable returns on the money invested.

Benefits of Trading with Immediate Bitcoin

As per our Immediate Bitcoin Review, below given are few benefits –

  • The Bitcoin software provides a demo account which is a very helpful feature as it allows the users to understand the functions of the software and a new user can get familiar with the working of robots before they actually start trading with real funds.
  • As per our Immediate Bitcoin analysis, the Interface of the platform is very user-friendly and you can start your trading in a few minutes after you sign up. No special training or experience is needed to use this platform.
  • Immediate Bitcoin platform uses Artificial Intelligence and State-of-the-art Algorithms to Identify Profitable Trades feature this confirm a high success rate for all transactions, such as 90%. Traders after investing the minimum amount of $ 250 can start earning a simple profit after the first trading session.
  • Trader’s request for withdrawals on the Immediate platform can be completed in less than 24 hours. The speed of the transaction is very convenient for its users to access their funds at a faster rate.

Is investing in Immediate Bitcoin a good choice?

Currently, the traders using the auto trading robots on the Immediate Bitcoin platform are earning between, $950 to $2200 daily. The traders can deposit more funds to gain more; however, we suggest you start slowly with a minimum deposit of $250 and grow when the passive income increases.

Is it Possible to Make Money with Immediate Bitcoin?

The Immediate app is one of the leading automatic trading platforms which offer profits to its traders. Several traders are making money when they are trading with Bitcoin. The World’s Most Intelligent Crypto Software programmed to trade only when it knows it will make an immediate profit. This software has changed the life of many people giving financial freedom to new users having no experience of trading. This implies now is the time to invest in Bitcoin, and Immediate Bitcoin is the best method of investing.

Is it the Right Time to Invest in Bitcoin?

Trading has always been lucrative. The increasing awareness of earning potentials from cryptocurrency made many people select this option as an investment for becoming financially independent so many people are now interested in making money online from trading cryptocurrencies, which shows there is no doubt that this is the best time to buy Bitcoin. Right now, the value of Bitcoin is starting to recover slowly.

Tips for beginners

From our analysis and years of experience here are a few suggestions for beginners. The traders can follow these tips and start making profits from the cryptocurrency market with Immediate Bitcoin.

Start with the minimum amount. It’s always good to start slow and get practical experience. Start with the minimum amount of $ 250 that is required to start the trade. Once you get familiar with the robot working than increase gradually to a higher amount to earn greater profits.

  • Take home your earnings. The profit you earn should be booked regularly and the left amount can be reinvested to gain some more profit. This way you can plan your income.
  • Learn more to earn more. Try to learn more about Bitcoin Profit from the Internet by reading blogs and watching videos on Youtube. This information will help you in setting your stop loss range for more earning opportunities in the market.
  • Trade cautiously. Always invest in the market carefully and invest the amount wisely as the markets are volatile there is always a small risk involved in the trading. So invest the amount with strict stop loss and book your profits regularly. Don’t leverage your positions.

Immediate-Bitcoin and its affiliations in the Media

There had been several claims about celebrities endorsing the Immediate Bitcoin but when we tried to find out the truth regarding its association with celebrities and popular TV Shows, no connection was found to be true. These were false claims with no base.

Immediate Bitcoin review


Can you make money with Immediate app?

As per the Immediate-Bitcoin website, it reports that the bitcoin traders can make up to $2200 daily as profit. Many users have given testimonials that they have a positive experience on this trading platform.

Does Immediate Bitcoin have a mobile app?

Yes, Immediate Bitcoin offers a mobile app, there is an app available for this robot and it is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Conclusion: Immediate Bitcoin Review 

The rising awareness of making potentials out of cryptocurrency made lots of people choose this form of investment for getting financially independent. So, a lot of people nowadays are interested in earning money on the internet from trading cryptocurrencies.

Trading isn’t simple and full of challenges. You want to pick the ideal choice which could assist you in earning gains. After comprehensive investigation and study of Immediate trading applications, we could say with assurance that this program is legit and among the best approaches to trade Bitcoins and make profits with very little effort even when you’re a new user with no experience.

New customers are advised to begin with a little investment of $250 since the markets are volatile and gradually grow, as you become knowledgeable about the functioning of robots. This can enable you to make more profits. In our evaluation, we discovered this program works excellently and includes a transparent model without any hidden fees. We recommend this program to lower your risks and improve your probability of successful trades.

Good luck with your trading.


Is it Profitable to Invest in Immediate app?

Immediate-Bitcoin uses artificial Intelligence and its smart algorithm gives traders a success rate of more than 90%. Users are earning daily profit with this tool.

What is Immediate Bitcoin?

Immediate Bitcoin is an internet-based trading application created by Edwin James to help people who are stuck in the job and want to earn good money fast. This software has changed the life of many people giving financial freedom to new users having no experience of trading.

Are celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay involved in the endorsement of Immediate Bitcoin?

No Celebrity was found to be directly associated with Immediate Bitcoin and the news about the association of popular Tv shows and celebrities with this app was found false in our research. More on Bitcoin Era App

Do I need a wallet to trade on Immediate Bitcoin?

No wallet is required to trade with the Immediate app. Having a local bank account is enough.

What is the minimum investment in Immediate Bitcoin?

This Software requires $ 250 as a minimum deposit to get started with trading and earn profits.

Is it possible to earn profit from trading without experience?

Yes, it is possible. The software does the buying and selling automatically and makes the best trade with its Intelligent Software which is programmed to trade only when it knows it will make a profit.