Bitcoin Trader Pro Review

Bitcoin Trader Trading Software Review Bitcoin Trader is one of the most popular bitcoin trading software for Bitcoin trading investors, which has been copied so many times and different versions the trading software has been launched in the market. This Bitcoin Trader automated software is connected with a variety of Crypto forex brokers, including some … Read moreBitcoin Trader Pro Review

Financika Broker Review

Financika Forex Brokers Review Financika is one of the leading online trading services providers, the website is operated by Sharp Trading Limited in Port Vila, Vanuatu. The trading site serves millions of traders all around the globe. Financika traders have access to stocks, Forex, CFDs, and commodities. Features Financika offers a single account type, and … Read moreFinancika Broker Review

What is Robot Trading?

What is Robot Trading? Robot trading is an Automatic Trading Software System with an Algorithm that can be exchanged and invest in the forex exchange, oil Exchange Stock exchange and Traded Fund automatically. Automatic Bit can make more profit than a financial trader. How To Understanding Forex Robot Trading robots are automated software programs that … Read moreWhat is Robot Trading?

Bitcoin Revolution

Is Bitcoin Revolution a Scam or Legit? – Bitcoin Revolution Review 2019 The first question comes to mind is the Bitcoin Revolution a Scam or it’s a legit software system? Can this Bitcoin Revolution software really make easy money? What is the Bitcoin Revolution is all about? How does Bitcoin Revolution work for investors? Bitcoin … Read moreBitcoin Revolution

Draft Bill anti-crypto law proposes 10-year jail for dealing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

In India now if you hold, sell or dealing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin could soon land you in jail for 10 years. The “Banning of Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2019” draft has proposed 10-year prison sentence for persons who “mine, generate, hold, sell, transfer, dispose of, issue or deal in … Read moreDraft Bill anti-crypto law proposes 10-year jail for dealing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

What is happening to Bitcoin in 2019?

his year has definitely started with a “not so bad” note. Only a few days ago, Bitcoin jumped up to $9,084 – its highest price since 10 May 2018. However, an overwhelming rally was short-lived as its price returned below $8,600 just minutes later. At the moment of writing, BTC was trading between the $8,400 … Read moreWhat is happening to Bitcoin in 2019?

Is Gold Is Superior To Bitcoin?

“Bitcoin needs gold to exist,” writes Sebag. “Gold doesn’t need Bitcoin to exist.” While Sebag is splitting hairs here – after all, bitcoin, as a digital asset, is invisible, tasteless, and odorless while gold is a physical object you can wear around your neck – his point is simply that we shouldn’t yet discount gold … Read moreIs Gold Is Superior To Bitcoin?

What’s Contract for Differences Trading?

What’s Contract for Differences Trading? A CFD is a contract executed between two parties, both a buyer and a seller, meaning the vendor pays the buyer the gap between the existing value of an asset and its value once the contract is expected. There isn’t any physical exchange of resources (which may be a physical … Read moreWhat’s Contract for Differences Trading?