eToroX Review: eToroX crypto assets exchange eTorox is a platform that is launched by leading eToro Group. eToro is the one of the largest social trading platform for last few...

eToroX Review: eToroX crypto assets exchange

eTorox is a platform that is launched by leading eToro Group. eToro is the one of the largest social trading platform for last few years and has over 10M users now to the global market for all types of crypto currency trade and it is created so that individuals can invest in a simple and yet transparent way.

eToroX negotiation which is launched this year, enables various encryption of digital assets on its web platform. It also features a wallet service which is now available on the platform, supported Fiat currencies and the stock market vary transparent prices. It is also important to note that, eToroX is regulated as a provider of Ledger technology, which is marketed in Gibraltar, and is part of a global corporation that is well known globally in the world of commerce.

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      eToroX is known to be a link between traditional financial services and the blockchain. The eToroX Exchange is one of the few regulated exchanges worldwide with Gibraltar license. With this license investors can now trade multiple digital assets on a regulated platform.

      With the introduction of the eToroX Exchange, all users on the platform now have the access use the digital market to work with a huge number of regulated and licensed finance institute. The platform provides a new cryptographic intuition which helps for buying and selling an ever-growing list of cryptographic assets. It features a powerful interface that aids quick and easy transaction.

      Features of eToroX

      Integration Process:

      The integration process for eToroX has a friendly interphase, although the broker is regulated by the GFSC. With this users can access the service through two channels either by using an existing eToro trading account or by signing in for a new account within the switch.

      The inscription itself can be done in two ways:

      • By completing the registration form and verifying your email address, proof of identity and physical address. Also note that this account is not subject to any restrictions when it comes to withdrawals.
      • Use your Facebook or Google Account: This method requires the user to perform the additional account verification process prior to canceling the Fiat Currency Limit.

      User interface

      The eToroX Exchange is based on the same interface and discipline as eToro’s social networking platform, which aims to make the trading experience as easy and stress free as possible. This is achieved by the user-friendly interface provided by the platform and the functionality.


      The security of eTorox focuses on the safety of those who manage the exchange. The eTorox platform has added new measures to protect the users and their funds. For users, the Exchange uses 2-factor authentication, which guarantees authorized access to accounts.

      For the security of funds deposited on the stock exchange, the funds are stored in a cold store (offline) to protect them from hackers. Finally, eToreX has provided its users with a multi-sig portfolio to save their funds. The additional level of verification makes transactions even safer.

      eToroX Crypto Exchange

      Symbolized assets

      eToroX creates many variations of stable coins and digital assets. This unique offer is beneficial as users can choose between different types of stable coins they want to trade in addition to the popular USDX. Currently, these coins are: CADX, CHFX, GBPX, NZDX, JPYX, AUDX and EURX.

      The majority of cryptographic bureau de change offer only one or two stable coins fully backed by paper money, but rarely 8 stable coins. This diversity allows users to trade in currencies that they know or understand perfectly.

      This could be an innovative public acceptance strategy, as the Fiat Crypto Gateway has always been relatively inefficient. In view of the relative youth of the crypto-currency market, the availability of many gateways could in the future enable a greater involvement of private investors.

      eToroX helps to promote interest in the popular and most widely traded cryptocurrency, justifying the current list of 8 assets on its platform. This strategy is similar to that used by Corner at the beginning of the company. Therefore, it may not be a disadvantage that the number of cryptocurrencies disclosed is much lower than that of other crypto currency exchanges.


      The transaction costs for eToroX are reasonable. The manufacturer’s fees start at 0.10% and the lessee fees start at 0.24%.

      Few things you should know about eToroX

      eTorox is known for good selection of cryptographic assets

      On eToroX platform the cryptographic assets you can invest on includes 6 large encryption listed below – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash Astraleum and several stablecoin chips that are primarily related to major currencies like the EUR and USD, silver and gold.

      Suitable for active trading

      eToroX manufacturer taker, prioritizing based on the disk on which, for the monthly volume of less than 100 000 USD, the takers fee 0.24 percemt, while the manufacturer commission is 0.10%. eToroX is also known to be suitable for active trading because both fees are in line with each other.

      But if you trade larger amounts, you will enjoy even lower costs – Before the monthly volume of $ 100,000 and $ 500,000, the management fee is 0.22 percent and the manufacturer’s cost is 9 percent while when it comes to the volumes of trade between the prices $ 500,000 to $ 1 Million USD the percentages are 0.20 percent and 0.08 percent.

      Also note that there are other levels which are between $ 1 million to $ 5 million, with a corresponding cost of 0.17percent and 0.07percent, between $ 5 million to $ 10 million, the cost is 0.15percent and 0.06 percent, and if it is more than $ 10 million which the cost is only 0.12percent, while the cost of manufacturing is reduced to 0.03percent.

      Minimum payment fee

      eToroX has minimum payout fees on the piece you trade on – BTC 0,00060, 0,01700 and 8,50000 ETH XRP, and there is no registration fee.

      Acceptable portfolio fee

      eToroX is an entry-level crypto exchange system that allows you to buy coins in trust currency. The Fiat convert rate fee in crypto is to one to four percent more eToroX Simplex, where by the transaction limit for minimum trade is $ 125. Any encrypted transaction that are purchased from the crypto purchased are deducted from Fiat exchange fee crypto.

      The encryption level of the eTorox in the real market price is authorized by Simplex. The fee charged by eToroX to convert from crypto to crypto is 0.1%, and there is no transaction fee for sending / receiving.

      The eTorox is licensed under Gibraltar

      The eTorox is known to be provided by a limited liability company which is incorporated in Gibraltar and approved by the Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar under the Trustee Act and related financial services. In January 2018, the GFSC adopted a set of rules for the technology of large distributed book (DLT), as well as for the rule that the council should approve all companies working with the DLT.

      Thae combination of eTorox with the eToro reputation, licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) makes eToroX a reliable partner.

      eToroX Crypto Exchange signup

      Why eToroX?


      The platform implements advanced information security technologies to protect the data integrity and assets of its customers. They take all necessary measures to keep their customers safe and protected.


      eToroX is a leading fintech company regulating DLT provider certification. The platform has issued an FSC1333B license number from the Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar under investment law and financial services.


      eToroX together with the eToro Group has improved the quality of customer service. The platform has a professional customer support team, fast response times, and relevant and helpful answers to help their clients do their jobs quickly and efficiently.


      For over 10 years, eToro has been at the forefront of the world revolution of financial technologies to offer new revolutionary and innovative services products.


      The platform transparency is the main element of the eTorox platform. It makes the information public and readily available, including prices, fees and direct communication.

      Pros of eToroX

      eTorox is Regulated.

      The cryptocurrency exchange in the platform and the portfolio are both under the eToroX DLT license from Gibraltar.

      eTorox offers Unique tokens.

      eToroX has a selection of its own assets and stablecoins because of its unique token features.

      eToroX offers a good selection of encryption assets.

      eToroX offers a good selection of encryption assets that can help evolve in the future. Also it is important to note that, eToroX customers can make transactions on BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH, BCH, as well as a number of “stable parts” crypto-currencies linked to a financial asset (for example, Gold, silver, Oil).

      The eToroX Wallet service supports a number of Fiat currencies, allowing users to deposit directly in either Dollars, Euros and Pounds Sterling, which is an added advantage to this platform, this also includes a conversion fee.

      Clear presentation of fees

      EToroX is known for its transparent pricing policy which helps to present all the issues in a very clear and precise exchange, which is not the case with any encrypted exchange. In addition, these fees are competitive.

      The machine orders that add liquidity to the exchange are charged at 0.10%, while takers subject orders that remove liquidity in the order book to a commission of 0.24%. In addition, eToroX offers rebates for wholesalers.

      Cons of eToroX

      Light regulation

      Although eToroX license is formally authorized, the regulatory regime for crypto currencies Gibraltar does not have a strict rule. As GFSC has noted, “a flexible and adaptive approach is necessary in the case of companies, products and innovative business models.”

      Does not offer leverage trading

      At the moment eToroX currently does not offer leverage trading. This is not unusual in the room crypto, this is not a big drawback though but traders who can bolster their businesses with a lever can consult the offers from some forex brokers offering transactions crypto currencies like CFDs.

      Limited availability of cryptocurrency

      Compared to the average cryptocurrency exchanges only 13 currencies represent a small number of trade pairs in the platform.

      No stop-loss function

      The platform offers a range different interface and opportunities on the platform, but no stop-loss feature is not included, which is one of the drawback of the platform.

      eToroX Crypto Exchange


      eToroX is a newly launched crypto system platform in which with the features and interface reviews it is shown that it can  offer a quite attractive platform in terms of price and digital assets. eTorox is a platform that is launched to the global market for all types of crypto currency trade and it is created so that individuals can invest in a simple and yet transparent way so that all stakeholders on different level can personally engage in low risk finance investment.

      EToro main objective and projection is to provide everyone the same access to financial markets to facilitate the transfer of assets. With the innovation of eTorox that features new technologies, such as blockchain, has helped change the game because it brings a new level of transparency to the world of financial trade market. With the launch of eToroX crypto-commerce, can also help different traders achieve their business target. In summary, the exchange is advanced, it offers the ability to negotiate and exchange digital assets including encryption currencies stable coins and even assets in chips is really worth watching this exchange.

      Wallet and Exchange services provided by eToro X Limited (‘eToro X’), a limited liability company incorporated in Gibraltar with company number 116348 and with its registered office at 57/63 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar. eToro X is a regulated DLT provider licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission under the Investments and Financial Fiduciary Services Act with licence number FSC1333B.

      • bitcoinBitcoin$46,087.00-0.11%
      • ethereumEthereum$2,593.940.22%
      • BNBBNB$311.662.04%
      • rippleXRP$0.600.03%
      • litecoinLitecoin$73.153.76%

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