eTorox Cryptocurrency Wallet Review 2019

eToroX Crypto wallet

eTorox Crypto Wallet Review

eToro crypto wallet

When it comes to the world of cryptocurrency the wallet features added to the eToro platform is one of the most important element needed by a crypto trader. A wallet is a place where coins can be safely stored and accessed only by the owner. Portfolios can take many forms, including online wallets, hardware devices, and even smartphone applications.

Among the best in the market that offers lots of features and significant benefits that a cryptocurrency trader can benefit from is the eToro crypto wallet. The eToro crypto wallet also serves different purposes apart from cryptocurrency storage only.

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The eToro crypto wallet is known as a digital wallet that helps to store not only cryptocurrencies but also digital assets. One of the added benefits of the eToro wallet is that it provides secure storage for your cryptocurrency, and also allows users to transfer any trading crypto from one wallet to another. Another benefits of this platform is that you can also exchange encrypted coins for online trading, and transfer crypto from other trading platforms to an eToro wallet. The wallet will be synchronised with existing eToro accounts. Before you can have an eToro crypto wallet you need to have an account with eToro.

What is special about the eToro crypto wallet?

eToro has made a name for itself in the world of cryptography, especially in terms of integrating cryptographic assets into the business world. Around 2013, when eToro added the Bitcoin’s purchases features. At the same time, eToro added many more digital assets to the list, attracting new investors willing to trade them.

Since then, the goal of eToro has been to develop the world of cryptography. Because if the eToro gal to develop the world of cryptocurrency, the eToro crypto wallet was invented, with this introduction traders can now transfer and store crypto coins. In addition, various other cryptography such as Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash are supported. However, eToro is already considering adding new coins at some point.

In addition, the eToro wallet enables the transfer of digital parts to other wallets or even offline storage. Note that one of the many security features that protect your money, is the two-factor authentication, which can help protect your account both online and offline.

The user interface of the wallet is more intuitive and only suitable for newbies than experienced retailers. One of the problems that most users with cryptographic wallets have is their fees. eToro has some fees, like any other crypto wallet, but they remain very competitive. Also some things to know that eToro and the Blockchain platform have their own fees, in which users have to pay two. As mentioned above, eToro does everything to keep it as low as possible.

How to open an eToro crypto wallet

The first thing to do is to sign up on the eToro app to become a user, the eToro app is available on both Android and IOS store for easy downloads. The registration process is simple: you can connect via email, Facebook or Google. Before you can start doing transactions on the platform, users that just registered would need an email address and a phone number for code confirmation.

Before you decide you want to start trading on the platform, you have to decide if you want to trade in cash, or you want to practice virtual. You can trade money with a real wallet while you can buy virtual money assets with a virtual wallet.

If you decide you want to trade using cash, you need to deposit, which is easy to do either via credit card, PayPal and bank transfer.

Depending on the country and region you are from there are different ways involved. Note that your first minimum amount is between $ 200 and $ 10,000.

eToroX Crypto Exchange signup

How to withdraw on eToro crypto wallet

Payouts from an eToro wallets are possible at any time. When you are ready to cash out from your account, the same way to transferred money into the account you use in trading is also the same method you withdraw your fund. You can withdraw up to the amount of your account less the margin used. The withdrawal of funds from the eToro wallet is a simple and comprehensive process. eToro also offers take-off instructions on its website.

eToro crypto wallet fees and accessibility

As with other crypto currency platforms, the transfer of encrypted coins with the eToro wallet leads to transaction fees. Two types of charges are involved, the first charge is deducted from eToro and the second charge is deducted from platforms for each crypto blockchain. eToro is committed to upholding its competitive fees. The cost is not expensive but it should be noted that the blockchain platform fees vary depending on the currency.

The eToro crypto wallet is an excellent platform that also offers multiple languages which set them apart from their competitor. One of the eToro company mission is to make the crypto market accessible to anyone wherever you are around the globe. To find out if it is still available in your country, you can find the application on your App Store / Google Play Store, if you cannot find an app for your country, you can contact eToro to confirm if the application will be accessible.

Key features of the eToro crypto wallet

When looking at a cryptocurrency wallet, there are many other factors to consider besides the basics and how to choose different language options. eToro exchange has included extras that we believe are perfect for cryptography enthusiasts, regardless of their ability. Safety is always on the top list of the eToro platform. Therefore, it is always an advantage to see the support for multiple signatures and 2FA, but there is more than just the secure connection. With the eToro wallet you can also transfer crypto currencies to other wallets. This means that users do not have to save their cryptocurrency with eToro alone. Instead, users can send their cryptocurrencies to other portfolios, stock exchanges and even to a coldstore if they are looking for a long-term solution to protect their assets.

In addition, to the wallet, like the eToro trading platform, supports multiple languages, so users are not limited to one language. Because the wallet works with the eToro platform, users can easily leverage other features of the eToro app to work with their wallet. After receiving market updates and retrieving news feeds in the eToro Mobile app, users can easily switch to their wallet to get and receive money. Ultimately, perhaps the biggest asset of the portfolio is simplicity. The wallet is easy to use and can be easily configured, especially for users who already have an eToro account.

The following are the highlighted functions of the eToro crypto wallet

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Enables transfers from portfolio to wallet
  • Possibility to transfer your digital assets from the platform directly into your eToro portfolio
  • Enables the conversion from crypto to crypto
  • Eliminates the need to remember private and public keys
  • Provides synchronisation with other eToro accounts
  • Personal block address to be used for chain transactions
  • Send or receive referrals with the app
  • Fully localized and synchronized on all user devices.

Supported assets on the eToro Crypto wallet

Currently, the new eToro wallet only supports Bitcoins (BTC), Cash Bitcoins (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoins (LTC). However, the team has announced a gradual increase in the number of supported cryptographic assets, as well as increasing the number of cryptographic currencies on its trading platform. This seems to be a fairly common practice for many new portfolios and exchanges that support encrypted currencies. It first looks at the primary currencies used by the user base and then refines them to cover a wider variety of currencies in cryptographic assets. When eToro first became the crypto-currency space, it only started with Bitcoin. The platform now supports 14 different crypto currencies. We can assume that they will be used in the near future.

The importance of eToro crypto wallet

  • eToro’s wallet is backed by a very successful and reputable company: A company known for its safety, reliability and respect for its users. For many investors, it was sufficient proof that the portfolio is functional and has no surprises in terms of functionality and security. Why this is important is that it gives traders the confidence that their funds are kept safe in a wallet created by eToro. The wallet also has many features like the user friendly interface which makes it is easy to access and also easy to use, which makes it one of the best wallet to safe crypto available today.
  • known cryptocurrencies are available on the platform like: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin,
  • Due to eToro reputation it has made the crypto wallet a very reliable and secure to rely on.
  • The platform also provides security with two-factor authentication for both online and offline access without being hacked.
  • User friendly interface- both professionals and amateurs can use it.
  • The eToro crypto wallet is known to be fully regulated.

What makes eToro Wallet the best?

The eToro wallets comes from a respected and reputable company that has been part of the fin-tech innovation from the start which makes it different from the counterpart.

In addition to being a leader in the industry, the wallet also remove existing barriers for new potential investors to provide a smoother experience for inexperienced traders and professionals. As mentioned above, users do not have to remember the public and private keys for the wallet, which in turn eliminates the big problems associated with the business experience.

New features are also added to the wallet, such as the ability to connect to those that has an eToro accounts. With the importance of cryptographic portfolios for commerce, many more are waiting for users to create an account. What makes eToro wallet different from its counterpart is that, eToro is backed by a very respected and reputable company. The company was characterised by security, reliability and respect for its users.

For many investors, this was sufficient evidence that the portfolio was functional and had no surprises in terms of functionality and security. This is important because traders on the platform would have rest of mind that their funds are kept safe. You can access the eToro crypto wallet anytime, anywhere around the world.


Since the introduction of the eToro wallet it has shown positive and lots of rewarding offers. Its user friendly interface has made it easy for traders to use it easily anywhere, anytime. It’s also ideal for “mobile” use either you are an Android user or IOS, with this traders can view their encryption resources from their smartphone.

In addition, to the wallet, like the eToro trading platform, supports multiple languages, so users are not limited to one language. Because the wallet works with the eToro platform, users can easily leverage other features of the eToro app to work with their wallet. After receiving market updates and retrieving news feeds in the eToro Mobile app, users can easily switch to their wallet to get and receive money. Ultimately, perhaps the biggest asset of the wallet is simplicity. The wallet is easy to use and can be easily configured, especially for users who already have an eToro account.

The only issue with the eToro wallet at the moment is the fact that it does not yet support a wide range of crypto currencies. As mentioned above, the wallet is expected to simultaneously support more cryptocurrencies in the coming future. The wallet is still in its infancy and the future is promising.

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